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Window Cleaners Fareham & Gosport

Window Cleaners Fareham & Gosport
Window Cleaners Fareham & Gosport

We provide external and internal window cleaning services for your windows for both domestic as well as commercial clients.

For internal cleaning, we use traditional methods.
For external we use a vehicle mounted reach and wash system by using reverse osmosis and deionization technology. Tap water is purified removing all traces of dissolved minerals and impurities. The water is transported in large vehicle mounted tanks, then pumped up telescopic poles with soft bristle brush heads at the end. Dirt is scrubbed from the windows and surrounds, then rinsed off and left to dry naturally.

The benefits of this method over traditional cleaning methods are:

  • Sparkling windows with clean frames and sills!
  • Reaches heights and awkward angles that a ladder can’t so no more missing windows above conservatories and extensions etc.
  • Cleans leaded and Georgian windows with ease, leaving them gleaming!
  • No more damage to your lawn or flower beds from the use of a ladder.
  • There are no chemicals just pure water making it environmentally friendly.
  • You may also prefer to be contacted before visits for convenience, we can send a text message or email, the day before we are due to clean.

Finally, we guarantee a quality job every time with competitive rates so please contact us today for a no obligation quote.


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